3th December

Official Interlude x100!


19st of November, 20:00 GMT +1


Rune Castle siege with huge reward

Welcome to Lineage 2 RapTronic

After many hours of hard work, we are proudly presenting Lineage 2 RapTronic that will launch this year, on Saturday
3th of December!

We guarantee, you will have fun in our server without having to compete with - prepaid - clans or GM friends and corruption.

We have seen this is happening a lot these days...

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Open Beta Test

Open Beta Test is schedules to start on 19st of November, at 20:00 GMT +1 so everyone can check the stability of our server but also search for any bugs or issues.

Server will be much easier during Open Beta, all rates will be increased so you will have a chance to check everything regarding gameplay.

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Server rates

Interlude server rates base is x100 But some of other server rates have been adjusted to match the best gameplay and they are:

• EXP/SP: amount x100
• Adena: amount x10
• Drop: chance x1 or amount x1
• Spoil: chance x2 or amount x2
• Raidboss Drop: chance 20% or amount x1
• Epic Drop: chance 100%, amount x1


• Enchant safe : +3
• Enchant max Weapons : +21
• Enchant max armors : +8
• Enchant max jewel : +8
• Enchant chance Normal : maximum +21 with percent decrease ex: +4 90% +6 75%
• Enchant chance Blessed : maximum +21 with percent decrease ex: +4 90% +6 75% the item returns to +3 does not break

Server Features

• Interlude Gold Style with Custom.
• Constant events with in game prizes!
• Very strong DDoS Protection and anti-bot systems.
• Wedding system - 2kkk adena
• Auto-loot (drop) - ON
• Auto Potion CP-HP-MP
• Infiniti Soulshot-Blessed Spiritshot-Arrows
• Multiple boxes allowed: No limit from the start
• Raid Bosses, Epics are Alive from start
• Olympiad period (retail)
• Subclass -
• Noblesse - You need to collect all Crowns

Ingame Commands

      • Party Refusal.
      • Trade Refusal.
      • Messages Refusal.
      • Make Goldbar.
      • Raid Info.
      • Siege Info + Attack & Deffence Register.
      • Status Manager -- Top PvP,Top Pk,Top Clan,Top Online.
      • Olympiad Info.
      • Change name color and title.
      • Show when your vip ends.
      • You can test skins.
      • Show how much player are online.
      • Siege Info + Attack & Deffence Register.
      • Select your target Mob/Raidboss/Grandboss show Drop.
      • Repair your char.

Full Buffer :
58 Slot NO PAY 2 WIN No Rebirth All Npc From Original L2Gold

Castle Sieges

GludioEvery Friday at 20:00
DionEvery Saturday at 20:00
GiranEvery Saturday at 20:00
OrenEvery Saturday at 20:00
AdenEvery Friday at 20:00
InnadrilEvery Saturday at 20:00
GoddardEvery Friday at 20:00
RuneEvery Friday at 20:00
SchuttgardEvery Friday at 20:00

Normal Bosses

• All normal bosses: 5 Hours

Epic Bosses

• Ant Queen: 72 hours
• Core: 15 hours
• Orfen: 20 hours
• Zaken: 72 hours
• Baium: 120 hours
• Antharas: 120 hours
• Valakas: 174 hours

1. Download Lineage2 Client;

2. Download System files;

3. Extract System into the Game folder;

4. Run Game from folder /system/l2.exe.

If you will experience any difficulties, please run Lineage 2 - L2RapTronic AutoUpdate.exe and update your files.
If you still have any issues or concerns, please contact us!